Metal & Tin Roofing

 Roof Renewal & Repair

The condition of your roof is critical to the overall health of your home. A broken roof can make your home uncomfortable to live in, cause untold damage through moisture and rot, and it makes an overt statement to the neighbourhood, too.

Don’t ignore the problem of a broken or worn out roof. Call us today.

We provide renewal and repair services for:

  • Metal rooves
  • Tile rooves
  • Colourbond rooves




CR Seal a Roof are the experts in guttering. We can take care of all of your guttering needs, complete with a wide range of styles, colours and profiles. Our installation is quick, professional and comes with an assurance of quality.
  • Guttering repair and replacement.

Drainage & Piping

We also provide replacement, repair and unblocking services for:
  • Drain pipes
  • Down pipes